Web Calendar Pad

Create and Publish Web Calendars from your desktop

HTML Calendar Software for Windows



  • Create a custom calendar on your computer
    with our Calendar Pad software
  • Publish directly to your website, or we can host your calendar
  • Embed the calendar on any webpage using the embed code
  • Promote your events on a Monthly Calendar
  • Attach files and documents to your calendar
  • 100+ Calendar Styles to choose from
  • Free 30 day Trial. Install or UnInstall Instructions
  • No monthly fees, buy the software from $69
  • Works with Windows 10

Publish Your Calendar Today

Make a calendar, and publish to your website

Calendar Pad Is an award winning windows program you can use to make a website calendar for your business, church, school, or team. You can use the program to design the calendar on your local computer, and then publish it online to your website.
Thousands of websites use calendar pad for their calendars

100+ styles to choose from :
E xample Calendar
Theme Pack :
E xample 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Embed The Calendar on Your Website

Below is an example calendar that has been embeded, so that you may see how it might look and perform on your website. To show the calendar on your website, simply copy and paste the embed code that is automtically generated for you after you publish.
Watch Tutorial

Choose from many calendr styles

Default Red Theme

Web Calendar Pad

Top Calendar Pad Features

Easy to Update

Publish Directly to your website

Builtin FTP makes updating your calendar easy. It transfers your file attachments too.

Online Calendar

Publish online to our server

You can upload to our webserver, and we will host the calendar for a year.

Event List

List of upcoming events

The calendar can generate an upcoming event list.

Calendar Styles

Choose a calendar style

Choose a pre-designed calendar template or create your own. Perfectly match the look of your web site

Web Calendar Pad

Easy Calendar for your website